About Us

About Dog Friendly™

Dog lover for life, I wanted to help all fellow dog lovers share with the world that they are indeed, dog friendly, but do so in a cool and comfortable way. Couple that with the fact that I've always wanted to design t-shirts, I figured there's no time like the present to combine the two into the perfectly lovable fashion statement.

My husband, Chad, and I reside in Atlanta, but are both PA born and raised. We are parents to a 4 year old labrador, Petunia, and still miss our first labrador daughter, Bailee, aka "Piggy," who crossed the rainbow bridge December 2018. Don't worry, you'll see plenty of their sweet faces both on our site and on the socials.

Dog Friendly™ is just one of the ways we can honor our past, present, and future furkids and furfriends, along with all of you dog lovers!

We ask that you share the love. Be friendly - Dog Friendly™.